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John D. Haskell, Hugo Grotius in the Contemporary Memory of International Law: Secularism, Liberalism, and the Politics of Restatement and Denial

Ilan Saban, Theorizing and Tracing the Legal Dimensions of a Control Framework: Law and the Arab-Palestinian Minority in Israel’s First Three Decades (1948–1978)

Dustin N. Sharp, Requiem for a Pipedream: Oil, The World Bank, and the Need for Human Rights Assessments

Huma T. Yasin, Playing Catch-up: Proposing the Creation of Status-Based Regulations to Bring Private Military Contractor Firms Within the Purview of International and Domestic Law

Janelle L. Cornwall, It Was the First Strike of Bloggers Ever: An Examination of Article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights as Italian Bloggers Take a Stand Against the Alfano Decree

Christina Lembo, FIFA Transfer Regulations and UEFA Player Eligibility Rules: Major Changes in European Football and the Negative Effect on Minors

Joanna MacMillan, Reformasi and Public Corruption: Why Indonesia’s Anti-corruption Agency Strategy Should Be Reformed to Effectively Combat Public Corruption

Mindy Pava, The Cuban Conundrum: Proposing an International Trademark Registry for Well-Known Foreign Marks

Anand Sithian, “But the Americans Made Me Do It!”: How United States v. UBS Makes the Case for Executive Exhaustion

Christina Weston, The Enforcement Loophole: Judgment-Recognition Defenses as a Loophole to Corporate Accountability for Conduct Abroad

Laura M. Olson, Prosecuting Suspected Terrorists: The “War on Terror” Demands Reminders About War, Terrorism, and International Law

Amos N. Guiora, The Quest for Individual Adjudication and Accountability: Are International Tribunals the Right Response to Terrorism?

Sandra L. Hodgkinson, Are Ad Hoc Tribunals an Effective Tool for Prosecuting International Terrorism Cases?

Johan D. van der Vyver, Prosecuting Terrorism in International Tribunals

Evan J. Wallach, Partisans, Pirates, and Pancho Villa: How International and National Law Handled Non-State Fighters in the “Good Old Days” Before 1949 and that Approach’s Applicability to the “War on Terror”

Charles A. Shanor, Terrorism, Historical Analogies, and Modern Choices

Rainer Nickel, Data Mining and “Renegade” Aircrafts: The States as Agents of a Global Militant Security Governance Network—The German Example

Randall Peerenboom, China Stands Up: 100 Years of Humiliation, Sovereignty Concerns, and Resistance to Foreign Pressure on PRC Courts

Michael J. Kelly, Grafting the Command Responsibility Doctrine onto Corporate Criminal Liability for Atrocities

Dana M. Cohen, Looking for a Way Out: How to Escape the Assisted Suicide Law in England

Brittany T. Cragg, Home Is Where the Halt Is: Mandating Corporate Social Responsibility Through Home State Regulation and Social Disclosure

Benjamin R. Farley, Calling a State a State: Somaliland and International Recognition

Flora Manship, Collateral Damage of the IMF’s Global Economic Relief: A Case Study of Zimbabwe

Chad P. Ralston, Going It Alone: A Pragmatic Approach to Combating Foreign-Effected Tax Evasion

Mi Hyun Yoon, Trading in a Flash: Implication of High-Frequency Trading for Securities Regulators Worldwide

Robert B. Ahdieh, Introduction—After the Fall: Financial Crisis and the International Order

Scott Harshbarger & Goutam U. Jois, Turning the Page on the Global Financial Crisis: Civic Capitalism and a Blueprint for the Future

Duncan Alford, Supervisory Colleges: The Global Financial Crisis and Improving International Supervisory Coordination

Yesha Yadav, The Specter of Sisyphus: Re-making International Financial Regulation After the Global Financial Crisis

Ross P. Buckley, Improve Living Standards in Poor Countries: Reform the International Monetary Fund

Raj Bhala, Doha Round Betrayals

Peter M. Crofton, Alternative Fuels and Developing Nations: Who Will Pay the Piper?

Joanna Stettner, International Obesity: Legal Issues

Benjamin D. Hatch, Dividing the Pie in the Sky: The Need for a New Lunar Resources Regime

Silas W. Allard, Casualties of Disharmony: The Exclusion of Asylum Seekers Under the Auspices of the Common European Asylum System

Todd F. Chatham, Criminal Jurisdiction in Antarctica: A Proposal for Dealing with Jurisdictional Uncertainty and Lack of Effective Enforcement

David D. Day, A New Conception of the Israeli Grundnorm: The Jewish Immigration “Trump Card” as the Solution to the Falasha Mura Exception

Willa Kalaidjian, Fishing for Solutions: The European Union’s Fisheries Partnership Agreements with West African Coastal States and the Call for Effective Regional Oversight in an Exploited Ocean

Adam Masarek, Treetop View of the Cathedral: Plant Variety Protection in South and Southeast Asian Least-Developed Countries

John Witte, Jr. & Nina-Louisa Arold, Lift High the Cross?: Contrasting the New European and American Cases on Religious Symbols on Government Property

Adam Linkner, How Salazar v. Buono Synthesizes the Supreme Court’s Establishment Clause Precedent into a Single Test

Andrea Pin, Public Schools, the Italian Crucifix, and the European Court of Human Rights: The Italian Separation of Church and State

Phoenix X.F. Cai, Making WTO Remedies Work for Developing Nations: The Need for Class Actions

Rex D. Glensy, The Use of International Law in U.S. Constitutional Adjudication

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